Probus Club          of Basingstoke

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Chris Barton and his wife Jenny.

It started 10 years ago by being bored.

 Chris and Jenny Barton had spent the previous year sorting out the bungalow and gardens following their move to Robin Close in Kempshott. Jenny was still working at the time and Chris was kicking his heels at home. Then they saw an advertisement in the Basingstoke Gazette for a lathe so they bought it along with a band saw. The wife of the seller had warned of all the dust this equipment would create but Chris did not hesitate as he had a man shed at home that could be converted into a workshop.

Since then a bigger lathe, a mini lathe and additional equipment have been purchased and are in daily use producing a wide variety of domestic wooden objects. Starting with pots and bowls, the range of products today is extremely extensive as these photographs clearly show. Commissions have also been undertaken. And Jenny has added her own low cost line of products using pyrography to burn small verses into wooden spoons and other wooden items

This year they will have attended almost thirty craft fairs and other events to sell their wares. Because of low overheads their prices are very attractive compared with those in shops and garden centres. However it is the interest in creating such high quality products and the social aspect of meeting their potential customers that is the main aspect of this activity rather than making money. This industrious couple happily describe it as a self financing hobby.


Chris & Jenny Barton

01256 328386

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